It’s all about you!

It takes many people to create a circus, but we never forget that you — the residents of Canton, Akron and surrounding areas — are are the most important part of our success. The Tadmor Shrine Circus offers numerous acts that promise to entertain and delight families all across Northeast Ohio. 



Ringmaster Peter Sturgis is America’s premier ringmaster. He is the regal and renowned ringmaster of the Tadmor Shrine Circus.

Circus elephants

The Tadmor Shrine Circus elephants promise an exhilarating exhibit of exacting epitomes of elegant elephant expertise. WAS BACK FOR 2017!

Motorcross Madness

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the motorcross daredevils!


We all get a thrill out of seeing the big cats at the circus, and this year won’t disappoint! The Hamad performing tigers are always a crowd-pleaser. And they are back for 2017!

New Heights!

The high wire act was scary-good last year. Don’t miss the Flying Angels flying trapeze act coming this year!

Impossible implementer

Johnny Rockett is the implausible implementer of the impossible at the Tadmor Shrine Circus. WASBACK FOR 2017!


Our circus clowns will put a smile on your face. Watch your kids smile when they get to meet many of these clowns up close!


Our acrobat and high-wire acts are bigger and better than ever for 2017.



Your family will have lots of fun and make memories for a lifetime during the 2017 Tadmor Shrine Circus. This family-friendly event is incredible fun for the whole family and should not be missed! 


There’s so much more!

What can you expect at the Tadmor Shrine Circus? Lots of fun — including circus animals, face painting, animal rides, a giant slide and more! Take a look at these images from past years’ Tadmor Shrine Circuses. You can click on each image to enlarge it.